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Levi Simpson's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Levi Simpson's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
11:17 pm
arg...my friend =l
Blarrrrrrrr on my friend.

About three months ago one of my best friends was married. I was best man.
NOW....This was something i didnt want to see happen.
I think its NOT the right time in his life at ALL to be trying to get married.
And im not a big fan of who he married.
She is looking for a daddy to help with her kids. HER THREE other kids from her Last TWO husbands.
I say she is looking for a daddy because there isnt much else there. They argue allot and there is no love,
One night my friend was talking about him and her and there wasn’t Anything good he had to say but in some weird way in his mind that was OK.
THIS did not sound like someone he loved.,,,But more like the way he sees things...Have a girl...Marry the girl because its the RIGHT thing to do and blablablah. THE ONLY positive thing he said about her was that the MAKE UP SEX was good. But really...shouldn’t the “I HAVE SEX with her because i love her” Sex be even better? Well i dont think that exists there.
I watch them and ive known my friend for a long time. But I could not tell him that i cant stand this. It would make him mad. He has some Macho side of him that i think he got ALOT from the Navy. WELL that’s one good thing about him..NAVY...She spends all the money he stays out till 2 in the morning working to make.

That i just cant..arg...that frustrated me enough because you cant see them lasting at all and I have no idea WHY he married her.

I was just informed
They are having a Kid of their own
That’s Three husbands and four kids
I just..arg...I just don’t know if he is doing the right thing at all.
It just bugs me because i don’t see anything good from this.. They don’t even make enough money to support all of the other kids.
WHY is he having a baby with this girl. He will probably break up with her or try and STICK to the marriage even if things are shit.
And now he will have to be devoted to her or at least his kid and will be in the same boat the OTHER two Xhusbands are in.

NOT SAYING this is all her fault because it takes two.
Im just dissipointed and wish there was something i could say because i think its wrong FOR BOTH of them.

But ill have to be happy about it with him....right?

After three years of having a computer
GOT a computer chair...a nice big soft cumfy chair to sit in.
As aposed to the small little ones that suck for a big guy because its all uncomfortable and your back dosnt feel good.

Later LJ

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, September 23rd, 2002
11:30 am
Im gana rant about something
But i have to do it later when i get home.
Im off to work.
So this is a Pre-Rant Warning
Sunday, September 15th, 2002
2:25 am
HAHA yeah
So today
I uh
and made photocopies

oh yeah
And i sent a voice clip to a girl online jokingly at the end saying somthing about getting drunk and seeing what happens. (i was joking i swear)
She played it so her DAD would hear it too
I felt like hiding away forever.

that was mean MEAN MEAN. =P

in other news
Im about to go to bed
who wants to kiss me goodnight?

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, September 4th, 2002
12:44 am
hahaha something \{
ok im kinda dr7uhk =D
and i just typed a 7 in the word drunk
Im gana write something in my online journal

you know i have a real life journal
its one i only draw and write small things in
I draw what ever i feel and dnt wory about the drawing being any good or not...its kind of nice actualy...sometimes yuou just want to draw someone or something or just..er..something...ok im repeeting myself
some intresing stuff in it
UI was thinking of doing the same thing with LiveJ. when i get my own webspace just drawing something in photoshoopp and posting that insted of these typed messages...sound like a good idea/????

i want you to to all be happy
and yeah
and be well
and have fun
and enjoy life
because its the only one we get you know
I just licked my monitor
thats enough wine for me

later Lj

Current Mood: drunk
Tuesday, August 27th, 2002
12:21 am
still getting back into the swing of things here....
uhmm...ill try and post more of my art here and stuff for folks to see
gata get this going again....get people coming back to visit me

well here are some goofy pics of me that went over well in one forum
and most of you I know on here are from that forum so its prety lame of me to post these but i couldnt think of anything else at this time


Current Mood: awake
Sunday, March 31st, 2002
11:29 am
Been a long time again..sorry..got busy
im gana try this time to keep up with this. My fault for falling behind.

Well in news
Yes I have a new job. Its pretty good. Just a small local graphics company here in the small town of Sedro-Woolley. Its nothign special I asure you but it beats the video store.
I make small decalls and stuff that can go on cars and we also make signs there, and do lettering on doors and awnings for local busnesses.

Other than that I havnt had a chance to do to awfull much.
Went out with Zach and Sara and Justin the other night. And a few weeks ago went out with Zach Sara Justin and Crystal to see Resedent evil
Crapy movie
and yet again im always the odd one out as Im not a couple with anyone. HEHE..oh well..no wories here.

Its easter...YAH
Dont beleve in anything it stands for.
Im kinda feed up with religion and such. There is so much of it in this country that the more I think of it the more I just cant stand some of it. Nothing personal and its not like I hate the PEOPLE. I just hate how it can be used sometimes. How ingraned it is in our culture. How even our presedent talks about how 95% of our country is Religous and HE is one of them to.
SO what about us 5%
are we just fucking loosers. Do we not count. Is he proud to be part of the 95% and they hope they can show us 5% in this country the right path to fallow.
sorry..just had a LONG conversation about alot of this with someone. Its a shame we cant all beleve what we want to..and be happy knowing everyone is different. And that REligon and Polotics SHOULD NOT BE MIXED AT ALL.
Our presedent should not be saying god bless america if he is not willing to say Ala bless america and Buda bless and what ever. There should not be IN GOD WE TRUST on our money nore should we say ONE NATION UNDER GOD in our Salute to the flag.
Oh well
This is part of the 5% saying. I wana move to sweden with my friends over there ;)
I wonder if they will give me one of those Steriotypical Swedish galls with the blond hair and big boobs if I move over there. Complements of Sweden.

ok well that was a fun rant. I dont want to offend anyone as I love everyone no matter what they beleve. All I ask is that im loved in return for what I beleve, And put all differences aside and just go have some fun.
*hands out party favorus to everyone*
and take care.
Tuesday, February 26th, 2002
9:26 pm
Another day
Dose not seem there is much out there hireing anymore. Been gathering up applications all day and tomarow ill do the same and the day after. Nothing seems to be happening yet though. I do hope I can find something that isnt to bad. I do need the money. I hate money but boy does it ever come in handy.
I hate school loans...
I hated my school which makes hateing school loans even worse haha.

I think I need something good to drink.
Im gona run to the store
OK...back...Mmmm Tasty Drink

not much exciting here.

Till next time.
Dear sweet Live journal =P haha

Current Mood: bored
Friday, February 22nd, 2002
2:53 am
Its been a while since ive updated...must keep on top of things.
Been sick...bloody suckes.
I seriously never get sick...this is the first time really sick in over 4-5 years that I can remember.
I remember I use to fake sick when I was a little kid because I didnt think it was fair that alot of kids got to stay home because they were sick...and I seemed to never get sick. Hey...I need my days off to =P

Other than that.
I had a chance to be hired to work with a company that works on Microsoft Games. But that did not end up going through. They were looking for someone with something very specific. But the lady did however like my art ALOT...and wants to keep in contact for future projects. So that could be a good start hopfully. And lets hope a future project comes up soon.

Got to wave my friend Naomi (ladyshave) off on her vacation trip. So we wont be seeing her for a week or so..*sniff sniff* =P

Also...went down to the store today and saw a friend of mine...just found out after a year and a half him and his girlfriend who is another friend of mine..just broke up on valintines day. Im not sure who broke up with who...he seemed really really bumbed and she is a sweet sweet girl so I dont imagin it was a mean break up. Its really just to bad though. Such good people.
Why Valentines day though?
Why did an online friend get dumped on Christmas?
What is with the choices of these days..thats like a huge slap in the face isnt it?
I do hope that never happens to me.
Though how could it if your not dateing anyone ;)
but safe HAHA.
oh well.
Now I feel like im talking to myself.
I guess I am actualy.
Later Live J

Current Mood: sick
Tuesday, February 12th, 2002
11:45 pm
A pretty Normal Day.
Started off good. I found a form I thought I had lost. Will alowe me to deffer payments on my loans for a bit.
Other than that
Same old day
Nothing special

I pull up to my house from takeing my dad someplace. And lo and behold there is a Rose on a vase on our porch. I figured it was for my sis being that its Valentines day and ive NEVER goten anything for Vday. And her Birthday is also on Vday.
Turns out this Rose was for ME. But from WHOME...no one I know would do this. I have no girlfrinds...or no one looking at me in that way. And so I read the card. And found that it was from some of my dearest closest frinds online. This blew me away. All of them on there...getting to gether and doing this for me. I am still...8 hours from seeing it first..in shock. This totaly blew me away. Never in my life would i have thought of getting this. Sure maybe an ICQ valintine...that was all I desurved...but WOW...this blew me away.
Thank you so much to the people invaulved.
Linda, Tams, Naomi, Naomi, Nickle..Because I know youll see this here.
Thank you so very much. Your all to sweet and so precious to me.
Thank you

Current Mood: loved
Sunday, February 10th, 2002
10:29 pm
well an eventfull couple of days. Nothing special...but did a bit more than normal.
STILL looking for work though. *sighs* Anything to make money. Fear ill go back into doing hard labor as I use to. Being big leaves you with a good chance to do that. But I know ill never work for a Janitorial servece again after the last one I worked at along time ago haha..The Boss was a Prick to say the least. Still...Jobs are hard to come by here. Takes most about 4 months...has taken me a bit now as well. We will see. Did go aply somplace to unload big trucks...but they were filled before I even got there. Would have been some good money at least...but hard work leaving me tired and sore. But im use to that from moveing Furniture for so long. A friend of mine might be able to get me a job though. So we shall see.

Other than that things have been ok.
some drawing done. Still have the problem of looking at my art and then looking at others and feeling like I need to be that good right now. I feel so stressed.
Its like I NEED TO BE SO GOOD to get a job with my art.
I mean. Id love to be stable and just do my thing. But Know I must work and if im going to id love to do art. I just...feel like I should be good enough NOW because im out of college already, have my Bachelors of Arts degree. Lots of presure from home to get a job in the field I went to school in. But im just not ready....I dont feel like im ready and I dont feel like my quality of art is good enough. I mean...I know its pretty good and i know people enjoy it. I just feel like there are things I really need to get down. I have not been doing it long. Not as long as alot. I just need to find myself in it. Need to get away from trying to think of doing things in perspective of getting a job with my art. And just learn to Love and enjoy it. The reason I started doing it. That focus just gets lost when your sarounded by things hinting at you that YOU NEED TO DO IT FOR WORK and such. *sighs*

on a good note. I was away for a day or two. And came back online to something that actualy made me feel better than the people could posably know. Even after only being away for a short time I found out how much Im missed by some people and how they care for me. Just knowing that when I was gone they thought of me and was actualy missing me or worring for me because I was not around. *swoons* God that felt good. In a weird way...I did not mean to worry them but...to know im someone they would miss. Because they (they know who they are hehe) are some people that mean the world to me. Trully. So eather they REALLY care for me or they were just surprised that my lame self would have something better to do than be online. Thanks to those =) Made my day. hehe...guess part of me never thought such beautifull people would miss me hahaha;)

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, February 7th, 2002
12:31 am

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12:23 am
Not much went on today really.
Filled out some applications for some work. Went somplace and checked on a job but no opening. Called about another job but nothing there for now. Need money EVER SO BAd but jobs are scarce these days. Especialy ever since the 9-11 incodent =/
And this So called resetion that we are in kinda. Seems no one is ready to beef up their employment.
Ill keep trying.

Hopefully my artwork can get me jobs soon. That I would like but I fear I have far to go for that.
Called the girl tonight...was not home. Left my number...we will see what happens tomarow.*nervous* LOL hehehe


Current Mood: nervous
Monday, February 4th, 2002
12:48 pm
Wheeee double wheeeeeeee
Yesterday was a great one for me.
Pretty much boreing same old stuff all day.
Then when I get to my boreing work. A girl that I see every now and then finaly came back in to the store. I hadnt seen her in there in about 2 weeks. She came in and as usual we got to talking and such. We eventualy talked about stuff to do and then she gave me her phone number. So...yeah...thats about the coolest thing to happen to a guy in a little small hick town in a Long while =)
What a great feeling...as if I just feel like yelling =)
Im just really glad I meet somone knew around her for one. There is no one really left here. All my other friends are eather moved away or married or something. Does not leave anyone to do anything with. So this is so so good =)
Just wish there was more to do around here. Might just go skateboard or something. Well...Ill watch her...Havent skated myself in..er...FOR EVER. Im to big =P
yeah..great day

Current Mood: bouncy
Sunday, February 3rd, 2002
1:53 am
Yes....Hmm indeed
Not much going on today.
Work work work...well not really. More like Go to work and sit on my ass watching movies untill a customer comes in. Dosnt sound bad hu? Dosnt pay well eather though.
Still working on getting that full time job to. And still hopeing that my artwork will one day be exceptable quality. Lots of work needed there.

Interesting day online. Couple of friends in poor health. One, a dear dear friend from across the ocean who feel awfull with sickness and wories about other things as well. I want to help her so much. Another who is my Best Friend in Real life told me online he is going to the doc tomarow because of bad bad chest pains...not good =(
Then another online friend down south has been haveing a rough time...wish I could help her as well.
Wish I could help everyone. That would be nice.
But I did manage to make someones morning brighter by makeing them laugh. Well...it was her morning my nighttime.

im tired now...sometimes it takes alot to help others online. You want to do more than just type but that is all you can do. Sometimes i dont know if I can get my true feelings across that way. But Im always one that is looked on for talking to, so that is good at least.

oh yeah
going to get my eyes checked in the morning. Who knows...I may need some glasses..O-O I dont know about that =l hehe


Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, February 1st, 2002
7:32 pm
What a Blarr day.

Was up till one the night before because I went to see LOTR for the 5th time.
What a great movie,
Then tried to wake up at 6 in the morning....which eventualy turned into 9 in the morning. Did this because I needed to do some artwork for a game I work on. And we had a meeting today so that needed to be done.
other than that...not much
Still looking for more full time work. Would love to do something with my art but I fear Im not good enough yet. I wory to much about my artwork I think. Its rather new to me. Iv only SERIOUSLY been drawing for about 2 and a half years...and only using color (digital painting) for a year. Im 21 and I feel like i didnt hear the gun when the race began so im playing catch-up to the rest.
Now I know art is not about who is better and who is better faster....
Its just a bit tougher when youd like to do it for a liveing and your done with college and would like to see things get going. But I know they may take lots of time.
Sometimes its frustrating to see so many younger or a tad older that are SO MUCH BETTER than me, even though I know its because they probably have more experance than me. But I keep moveing along and hope my improovment is showing.
Blahhh is how I feel at the moment.
Just kick back for a bit and watch everything fall =)

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, January 31st, 2002
9:35 am
Nice things
Things have been going ok here.
Got one of my Loans from college pushed back a bit so i have time to make a bit more money.

Also had several friends online say some really nice things about me. That just feels good to hear. So thanks Linda(enayla), Tams(Niko), and Naomi(ladyShave)
Your all absolutly wonderfull galls.

Have to work on some art at the moment.
Ill write more later.

oh yeah...still trying to get up the nerve to call this girl I meet where I work....hehe
Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
2:36 pm
About to leave for work.
One of my best friends came by today. I dont see her much anymore these days. She works and I work and she has her boyfriend so time is not on our side. But it was so great to see her.
Went out and did some things..got some food and then went to a thrift store to buy one random thing..I got some really cool bottle with a cork top =D

She is really great...we are quite different people but seem to get along so well. Im more punk and artsy and stuff and she likes Country music and wheres cowboy boots...I call her the Girly Hick=P
So that was good..
other than that not much going on..just about to leave to go to work..
9:06 am
WOW...Just a Ton of snow...
Looks like I get to be called in to work again. Im the only one close enough that can make it down and open the store.
At the moment I work at a video store...so exciting.
Im hopeing someone comes in. They probably wont though during the morning shift so oh well *sighs*

Well I must be off
Take care
and Ill leave you with yet another sketch..(I hope I do this html right)
Monday, January 28th, 2002
2:11 pm
First post
Ahh...well thanks to my wonderfull online buddy Tams for leading me to the promis land..er...livejournal that is.

This is my first post...so Ill try and make it good...*cough cough* EHEM

Today is OK..
So far at lest...Lots and lots of snow here in Washington.
Got called in to work due to the snow so Im gana leave here in a Second.
Hope to make many friends here and all that.
Man Snow really is pretty...so tough to drive in though in my car.
Its like trying to drive a Hocky Puck =/

hmm...maybe Ill throw some sketches up for my first post...
I dont have much to say at the moment...maybe later I will.

Saturday, January 1st, 2000
11:56 pm
And so things go
Stuff sucks.
Looks as though my job isnt going to last very much longer at all.
blahh blahh blahh
I guess thats what happens to a busness in a small small town when it is run by a putz.
The guy I work for is...well....he is nice enough...but kind of a putz.
He spends most all his time eather doing some of his own personal projects..or dealing with allllllllll his family problems
The place is a fucking mess and there is absolutly no orginazation to anything because thats the way he is. He will take a new clients info down on what ever scrap of paper he can find...then just set it down...and of course it gets lost and when its time he FINALY remembers about them he runs around looking for that small piece of scrap paper he wrote their info down on as if he is going to find it.
Its rather funny to watch and makes me wonder how they didnt go out of busness SO long ago.
Ahhh well
thats my rant on that.
Looks as though I may be doing something like Shucking Oysters or something lame like that. Sucks I know.

Wish List::
Wish I did not have to pay these damn loans for my college. They seem to be the bain of my exsistance right now.
Wish I had that amazing talent and artistic drive I see in so many artist but cant seem to see in me.
Wish I could meet and be closer to a best friend who is on the other side of the world.
Wish I could get out of this small worthless town, go someplace compleatly different and new.
Wish I had that charm that alot of guys seem to have that make galls fall for them.
Wish I wasnt so lonely these days.
Wish I could sleep. *admits to having a problem with it*

Now I just wana lie down.
Things suck now
but no wories
Knowing me somehow ill end up laughing and being happy and good company for everyone. Gata make people happy,

Current Mood: blah
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